Easy TranZit Glitch Zombies Invincibility tutorial Black Ops 2 BRAND NEW UNPATCHED

My first glitch, found by me! I hope you enjoy guys this is an absolutely epic glitch. All music is Royalty free. Extra tags: Black Ops, Black Ops 2, ZOMBIES, Zombies, Record, World Record, Sniper challenge, ONLY SNIPER, DSR 50, Dsr, PACKAPUNCH, Pack a Punch, Dead Specimen Reactor 5000. glitch, glitches, high, round, barrier, god, mode, invincible, record, easy, tranzit, pile, up, mustang, sally, high, round, guide, easter egg, EASTER EGG, infinite, turbine, power, richtofen, all, guns, packapunched, tutorial, strategy, nacht de untoten, verrukt, shi no numa, der reise, der riese, kino de toten, kino der toten, five, FIVE, out of map, barrier, ascension, call of the dead, cotd, shangri la, all, perks, samantha, maxis, doctor, nikolai, dempsey, takeo, greenrun, green run, town, farm, bus depot, diner